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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  July 27, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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saw leaving a nearby home that was later found to be a brothel. that is our big story tonight. the delete spot was giving out more than massages. >> court documents show they opened similar businesses and three other states. a reporter is in albany right now. she has details. >> federal agents are investigating the building behind me. a investigators say it was just one part of a bigger prostitution ring operating in four states. >> they were very quiet. they did not have parties. there was nothing going on after 10:00 at night. >> when she moved in, she did not think anything strange about the house next door. the sign said elite spa. >> the landlady said they were doing acupuncture. most of their people were older man. i was thinking about going
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myself. >> she watched as federal and the state -- investigators kicked in the door and raided the home. the house was a brothel where women to -- were paid to perform sex acts on their customers. michael shen is the ringleader. they say he was operating a multistate prostitution network transporting women between locations in maryland, new york, and new jersey. the indictment says the undocumented women were moved around every two weeks. customers pay up to $60 for a massage plus tips for saks. >> most of their clients came during the day. >> there was only a couple grows at a time. you would think two or three women were sharing a house. >> they used gps and self loans to monitor. they face six charges including
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transportation for prostitution, conspiracy, and money laundering. elite spa spent tens of thousands of dollars advertising. it opened in october 2007. >> a man convicted of killing a detective will spend 10 years behind bars. sian james was sentenced this morning in the attack. stevenson died after he was hit in the head with a piece of concrete. that happened during an argument over a parking space. the detective was celebrating his birthday. the man accused of shooting a bystander has been sentenced to 54 years. prosecutors say timothy fired five shots at a hospital back in 2009. he missed the victim but one of the bullets hit an employee in the hand. he was convicted after a six day trial.
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>> police say they need your help. they're trying to solve a fourth murder. the investigators say the man was shot in the head near the three -- 3600 block. his body was fabric -- found inside his car. the victim tried to drive away the crossed into another car. neighbors were already on edge. >> i am very surprised. we do not usually have activity like that. it is very quiet. it is peaceful. usually sit out. >> the victim does not have a criminal record. your ass to call 911 with any information. four months after a woman was murdered, loved ones gathered to remember the victim. sure shot and killed in april. her boyfriend is charged in that murder.
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we are live at city hall. >> 80 people gathered to remember her smile and her love for life. those hopes that her tragic story will help future victims of deadly domestic dispute. >> because my daughter was so loving, even when i go visit her at the grave, i can hear her laughter. >> she has fond many -- memories the comforter. >> it is for real. -- surreal. your only child has been murdered. my daughter was a loving and caring person. >> she touched many lives. loved ones honored her memory outside city hall. >> i was not aware she had been killed. she did not show up for work.
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some of her co-workers and myself for concern. that is not like my daughter. >> she had been shot multiple times outside of her apartment. police have charged daniel sullivan with first degree murder. washington identified the suspect as an ex-boyfriend. she had a protective order against him. >> she will be an act -- inspiration for other women in abusive relationships. they speak out, they seek protection with the law. >> my life is not the same. it will never be the same. never. i trust god that the legal system will fall in place. >> the chip trial was scheduled to start next week but has been postponed. wbal tv 11 news. >> and democrats have united against john boehner.
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every democrat and two independent signed a letter to oppose the plan. the house leader was forced to rework his proposal after the budget office found the democrats slashed over a one trillion more. even republicans are opposed to the plan. >> the proposal will add seven trillion dollars to the data over the next 10 years. that is unacceptable. it is unsustainable. >> it does not allow him [unintelligible] >> despite opposition, the house plans to vote sometime tomorrow. officials say the impact of a default could have serious repercussions. between the tens of thousands of jobs and millions of dollars in aid, the uncertainty is making it hard to plan ahead. >> we have not been given a list
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of what checks are going to go out from the french government -- federal government. it is not possible for us to make contingency plans. >> analysts predict the credit rating will take a hit even if they plan is in place. interest rates from auto loans and mortgage loans could increase. >> and many carroll county businesses have enjoyed the economic benefits of the brave and training camp. but the nfl has forced owners to look elsewhere for the revenue. >> last year downtown westminster was packed. ravens fans were everywhere. they planted purple flowers but the real purple they wanted is not going to be here this year. normally the ravens would be here for training camp. the that is not happening this
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year. westminster is feeling the economic pain. >> we had a lot more customer flow. a lot of fans means a lot of money. >> we would get a lunchtime crowd for our subway. we will get the morning crowd. it is going to affect us. >> across the street, they love the when the rape -- ravens are in town. the feature this raven's hot dog. without training camp, businesses down 15%. >> it is hard to deal with but we are taking it in stride. we are doing the best we can. we are still doing our raven dog. we're trying to get people in here for other reasons. >> this restaurant manager says thank goodness for regular customers what helped make up the loss of raven's fans. >> when the reagans are here it
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is a trade-off. the locals cannot get the parking spaces. but they are replaced by the ravens fans. so it has been a wash. >> down the street at the westmount -- best western, they have taken the biggest hit. the usually booked the entire place for five weeks. >> it was a virtually no availability for the general public. they had this date secured. we had no business forecasted because the ravenswood becoming. >> hopefully everything will get back to normal next year and the ravens will be back in town. >> still ahead, our latest investigation. >> they were protecting one of their own. >> a father complains about a judge's conduct and is outraged.
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tonight we have the comments that got him so mad. >> temperatures are headed up. humidity will rise. another heat wave on the way. 84 degrees at the inner harbor.
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>> some new questions about the system intended to hold judges accountable. >> it explains why we do not hear a lot about the judge's his conduct raises concern. >> when i left the courtroom, i thought i was going to have a mental breakdown. >> he is the father of a rape victim.
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year-old daughter was raped by three teenage boys during a party. details of the case are hard enough for any father to take. >> there were horrific things talked about. the laughter on the floor unconscious. -- they left her on the floor. >> at the juvenile court hearing, the judge mostly talked not about them but the daughter, blaming her for what happened. >> my doctor -- her character was question. he had the audacity because she was sitting on people's laps and fooling around. that's what kids do. that that led to this incident. >> according to a hearing, the judge said his doaughter
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engaged in risky behavior. it means that i have to determine whether what we have here is sexual predators' or respondents who acted horribly. they did not get that when a girl is intoxicated, you do not take advantage. >> my wife had to leave the courtroom. she could not listen to this. >> jim filed a complaint about the judge's comments. he implied that my daughter deserve to be raped. his complaint included letters from friends in the courtroom. one wrote, "he should disregard for the victim." "it is unconscionable that a woman is sent a message that being a gang raped is an expected consequence of drinking too much." >> what happened was inconceivable. i could not believe it. >> the disabilities commission is the panel of judges, lawyers,
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and laypeople their review judge's conduct. as we reported earlier, most of what the commission does is secret. the website summarized disciplinary actions but none is named. all are spoken of anonymously. the commission listed reprimands that our public but only for the past the but -- two years. >> the commission agreed the conduct warranted some attention but the commission called it a business a with a warning. kind of a slap on the rest. the letter to jim informing him of the investigation reveals just how far the commission goes to protect the judge's reputation. >> you are advised that this matters confidential. you should maintain its confidentiality. >> the letter instructs him to keep quiet. a final front.
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>> i found that distasteful. the whole world knew what happened to my daughter. the judge was publicly able to speak to a large audience, slam my family in public. belittle my daughter. and then i have to keep this confidential? >> was that the intent? >> i do not think that was the intent. >> she authored legislation in the mid-1990s that led to a constitutional amendment which voters approved to make judges more accountable. >> when you send somebody a public letter, that says do not tell anybody, that does not make sense. >> at any time in the history of the constitutional amendment, was this a matter of discussion? of trying to keep it quiet?
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>> this is not acceptable. >> the vice chair asks, where is the transparency? >> we do not want to say, here is a letter that has a letterhead. it is stanton signed by important people. somehow i cannot talk about it. >> he was not scared off by letter. he turned it over to a newspaper. the only way the commission's findings became public. >> as a result of making this public, did anything happen? no because you? >> nobody called me. >> she move to another state after the rape, working to heal. >> i think she has dealt well with the fact that she has been raped. she has not dealt very well with the comments and the way the judge behaved. >> the judge remains on the bench. he did not return our phone calls.
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>> making the commission on judicial disabilities more transparent and require changing the rules that govern its work. >> now your forecast with tom. >> another day with temperatures in the 90's. " we might be able to hold the below the 90 degree mark but it did sneak up to that at least briefly this afternoon. many of the suburban areas did stay in the upper 80's. but officially it is another 90 degree day. look at the record rain. four 0.5 inches on 2004. this is the 30th time we talked to 90 this year. at this time, we had 3990 plus days. we're not up his friend last year but 20 of our 30 days have occurred this month. there have been very few days that we did not above the 90 degree mark. but normal is 19.
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we're well ahead of that pace. 11 straight days above 90. the last time listed below that mark was july 16. a pretty good street. 25 consecutive days above 90 is the record of 1995. hopefully our streets will not laugh out loud. the heat is coming back. the warm friend is sending some cloud cover. it is acting a bit of is a blanket. it is keeping the temperatures up. hints of some cooler air out west around cambridge on the eastern shore. some suburbs still might be able to drop into the 60's if the clouds can thin out. winds will be called. close to 75. the heat is on again. elected to the south and west, and charlton, cincinnati, 100 today. st. louis, 90 up to chicago. that he is going to come back in this direction.
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the humidity levels will rise, too. it is so humid, it is tropical. that is the fourth tropical storm of the season. it is still interacting with mexico but as it gets out into the open waters of the gulf, those winds are expected to strengthen. it is expected to make landfall late friday night, early saturday morning. it looks like bad news. it will be rough on the coast. this may be a good news factor because it is bone dry. central and west texas, below normal. some tropical moisture might be a good thing for the drought conditions they have in that part of the world if the storm does not become too intense. that could be the best of both worlds. some clouds tomorrow but hotter and more humid. a chance for a thunderstorm friday night into the weekend. tomorrow, another hot one.
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winds on the bay averaging 5 to 10 knots. the seven day forecast, we will get into the upper 90's on friday. hot weather continues through the weekend. >> the nfl free agent market continues to move. see where josh plans to spend the season. >> could evening. tonight your estimated jackpot is $113 million. for just that -- dollar more you can add our power play option. here we go. 40, here is a photo.
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they won $200,00. 51, 59, 41, 38. power ball. 33. good night.
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>> and now sports. >> the frenetic pace continues for the ravens. tonight they reportedly agreed to terms with tory smith and another wide receiver. ballplayers will take part in the first practice. it did not waste any time expressing the release of taught. joe flacco also sees the other side of the story. they have to step up in the huddle and the locker room, helping players like smith. dixon r. impact players now. >> this is going to be our fourth year. it is time to groom those guys and mambos guys the way we want them. we will have that chance.
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with these young receivers, have a chance to live everything with them. go through every step with them. when they are burning everything. when they're going through the tough times, the good times. i will be there with them. that will be a good experience. >> in his rookie year, he caught 11 passes. if the raven's do not sign, he will have multiplied his production. he took him under his wing this year. dixon will miss his mentor but he will have to develop his own. >> if they have that much faith in me. i have been here in one year. i just have to prove my game. play my game. just try to get better every day. work to get a starting position. they did not sign anything over to me. i still have competition. i love competition. >> the raven's did not do as
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well of bringing back the quarterback. he has reportedly agreed to wait till with the washington redskins that will pay in the range of $5 million a year. the exit of wilson puts the secondary on chris carr. wilson came out of the lockout as a free agent. jose got hit in the head last night. he is back tonight. the bottom of the first, the single. felix struggles to pick up the ball. two pitches hurt him. deep, left, and gone. 2-0 j's. no fooling the blue jays as they
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shut them out for-0. one year after an investigation into butcher davis's football program, since he cannot make the best fishing go way, he will make davis go away. they fired him nine days before players report for the start of training camp. last month, they notified carolina in a letter that the school faces potential major violation sanctions. the chancellor said he acted because he thought the football program had begun to do too much damage to the school's image. >> the longer the coaches stick around, the quicker the problems,.
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>> from cool too hot. it was 100 in st. louis. the low 90's tomorrow. and the humidity returns. a chance for a thunderstorm. we will try to cool off but we will be around 90 degrees into the early part of next week. it is still summer time. >> we will have to grin and bear it. >> as many of you might know, this is my last broadcast. i have certainly loved being here. i'm going to miss these three guys.
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i want to thank you for allowing me to come into your home and bring you the news. thank you for being part of our viewership. >> we will miss you. does this mean no invite to the pool? >> that is the secret. [laughter] thank you for joining us. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute
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